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The key to making your pool last a long time is to have the professional technicians from CV Pool & Spa close it up at the end of the season. You can have us winterize your pool to protect it from ice, algae, and the other ravages of the season. With over 25 years of experience in closing and opening pools, we have the knowledge and skills to help your above ground or inground pool endure Old Man Winter's wrath.

Protect Your Pool With Our Closing Services

With our set prices, you pay the same competitive rate whether you have an above ground or inground pool.

If any water remains in your pool's plumbing, that water can freeze. When it expands, it can crack pipes and damage other delicate systems. Repairing damage from ice can be very expensive.

The perils of a freezing swimming pool

When you have CV Pool & Spa close down your pool for the winter, you get a complete array of services. Call us at 845-553-9051 to schedule your service.

Comprehensive pool closing

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  • Clearing water from the plumbing with an air compressor and adding non-toxic antifreeze

  • Draining the water below the skimmer line to prevent freezing

  • Disconnect the heater, pump, and chemical feeder

  • Cover the pool

  • Chemically winterize the pool water, including super chlorination to kill algae over time

  • Remove all hardware, including diving boards, handrails, etc.

  • Install winter plugs in inlets and outlets to prevent water from moving